Abunai! 2022 Photo Studio Powered by DMVDBERG Photography
Would you like to have an epic photo of your cosplay or convention look? Visit the DMVDBERG Photography photo studio! You’ve spent hours, days or weeks on your costume and hard work will be rewarded with a stunning photo. We are just as passionate about cosplay as you. At their ‘fine art’ style set they can really make you and your costume shine. Their mission is to make the best (art) portrait possible.

Having your pictures taken is free, no charges, no strings attached. All photos are delivered digitally in High Resolution directly during the convention. A print option is also available and can be sent to your home address (Prices of prints may vary depending on size and material). So no worries about folds or damage to the beautiful print you ordered. You can of course also help the DMVDBERG team cover costs and ensure they will be back next year, via: ‘Pay what you want’. They will have a QR code you can scan for donations at their booth.

The DMVDBERG team consists of professional photographer(s), costume designers and LARPers. All with a passion for anime, cosplay and costume design in general. If you would like a real professional portrait of your hard work you’re visiting the right booth! Every portrait is special, even more so during conventions. Especially since we can finally meetup again and show off our cosplays and hard work. During Abunai you can also find the DMVDBERG team walking the floor. Feel free to say hi and have your picture taken with friends on the spot!

Abunai! Craft Corner
In the craft corner you can draw, color, sculpt, clay, and craft to your heart’s content. You can also come and chill in this cozy corner!

Anime Quiz – Kinjin
A good old-fashioned anime quiz, where Kinjin dares you to answer as many questions as possible.

Board & Card Games Corner – Aniplaza
In the Holland Foyer you will find the Board & Card Games Corner, where Aniplaza will bring TCG products and packs, accessories, Japanese merchandise, and more! They will also host several Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments.

Cards Against Anime  – Kinjin
Cards Against… with an anime twist!

Cosplay Dating Show – Nishicon
Nishicon will be hosting a dating show. Interested parties can take the stage as bachelor(ette) or as potential date (preferably in cosplay). The bachelor(ette) cannot see the candidates, but can ask them racy and funny questions in order to select their favorite match.

Dutch Anime Community
Dutch Anime Community is a group of enthusiastic gamers, artists and cosplayers, they adore everything Japanese. Their wish: to share their passion with you. After all, a hobby is even better when shared with friends. Stop by their booth in the Limburg Foyer to get to know community members and to play some games!

Draw with Gouden Stronk
In Zaal 3 you’ll be able to walk-in and join Gouden Stronk for drawing activities.

Garapon – BAGGER
Join anime club BAGGER’s Garapon lottery. Garapon is a lottery in which you spin a wooden bingo wheel, and you may or may not win a prize depending on the color of the ball that comes out. You can play for only 50 cents, and if you don’t win a big prize they’ll give you BAGGER’s staple candy, a Koetjesreep!

Guess Who? Anime Edition – Kinjin
“Guess Who?” (Dutch: Wie is het?) with Anime characters.

Gunpla 101 – PlamoDX
The PlamoDX team will be in the Craft corner to assist you with building your Gunpla kit.

Jan-ken-pon – Kinjin
Jan-Ken-Pon is the Japanese version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Your reflexes, speed, luck and judgment skills are put to the test in this exciting tournament! New rules, more variation and several challenges make this tournament even more exciting. Will you become the new Jan-Ken-Pon champion?

Japan Feud – Kinjin
Kinjin asked people to fill a questionnaire with exciting topics ranging from anime, manga and games to technology, tradition and nature… Will you be able to guess the answers? Take on the challenge or come and watch contestants fight for the prize in this TV-show inspired event!

Kimono Try-on/Photobooth –
Want to take a picture while wearing a Kimono? This is your chance! Sign up for one of the time slots and you’ll get to wear one of Kimonokopen’s kimono’s for a picture! Please note: you will have to sign-up beforehand, as a photo sessions takes over 20 minutes (wearing a kimono is a process!). Signing up is possible during the convention, but if you’re really eager to claim a spot in advance please e-mail with the subject line: Abunai! Kimono Shoot. 

Kimono Demo –
In this demonstration Kimonokopen will show you how to wear a Kimono. What are the do’s and don’ts for putting one on? They will tell you all the details.

Kimono Exhibition –
Stop by Kimonokopen’s Kimono exhibition and take a look at kimono’s of different styles and patterns!

Karaoke – Soramimi Karaoke
Soramimi Karaoke is returning this Abunai! to bring back fun and laughter in zaal 111. Come, sit back and relax with your friends; singing your favorite anime or J-pop song.

For the actual song list, please have a look here: Soramimi Song List. If you want to karaoke a song and it’s not yet on the list, please send in a request via! Soramimi will do their very best to add it to their collection. Please note: you cannot request a song that has no connection with Japanese (pop)culture.

MangaKissa Library
The MangaKissa is the place to be to get some rest, read some manga, take a look at the swag you bought or to attend one of their events. Whatever your reason, the MangaKissa is a must to visit during the convention!

Mr. Ryan’s Cocktail Bar & Casino (18+)
Mr Ryan cordially invites you to his fine establishment where you can enjoy cocktails! The cocktail recipes were put together with love and care, and we’re sure you’ll thoroughly love the results. Well, maybe not so much the result the morning after…

In the casino you’ll be able to play all the expected games, blackjack, routlette, dice table, and more. However, you can only participate in games using K-Creds. K-Creds cannot be bought, you need to earn them through our Interactive Live-Action Roleplaying Experience.

Head on down to the Metro Bar Saturday evening, to enjoy drinks and games from 20:00-1:00. Enjoy responsibly!

Ninja Tag – RainaCosplay
Ninja Tag is a game of tag with a twist! Each turn you get one move to tag one of your opponents, who is allowed to make one move to avoid your attempt. Stand completely still in between. Try to be sneaky, like a ninja, so nobody will know your next move!

Nippon Bingo – Kinjin
Bingo at a Japanese culture convention?! You read that right: it’s bingo with a Nippon twist. All items you cross off are related to Japan. Be sure to join the Nippon Bingo if you’re feeling lucky and ready to laugh!

Random Dance Play – SoLuna Cosplay
Random Dance Play is a dance event where K-pop and Love Live music will be played for 20 seconds. Do you know the dance? Show off your skills, join others or let others join you!

Temporary Tattoos – Lil’ Miss Red
Ever wanted to try a tattoo with no strings attached? Lil’ Miss Red can ink you up with a temporary tattoo for a small fee. Don’t worry, no needles will be involved. The tattoos she provides are airbrushed, and thus temporary. She will have several molds at her disposal for you to choose from.

Weeb Lingo
Remember Lingo, that famous good ol’ Dutch game show? Well, this town is definitely big enough for both Nick and Douglas who’re bringing you the Japanese geek variation, called Weeb Lingo! It’s time for some good ol’ word guessin’ and ball grabbin’ and naturally they mean that last one in the politest of fashions.