Fandub Competition

FanDubFans will be hosting the fourth annual fandubbing competition at Abunai! 2019. Clear your throat, gather your friends and take out the microphone as they’re looking for new submissions!

The ground rules are as follows:

  • The length must be between 30 seconds and 120 seconds.
  • Video and sound must be of decent sound quality. 
  • Dubs may be submitted in any language.
  • You can participate solo or in a group (some restrictions apply).
  • Please avoid excessive use of crude (18+) language.
  • No 18+ scenes.
  • No clip submission under a false name 

There will be prizes, goodies and a trophy – reserved only for the most creative and talented fandubbers. So, what are you waiting for? Start recording and enter!

You can send your submissions via a WeTransfer or Dropbox link to before August 21, 2019, 22:30 CEST. If you have any further questions, contact FanDubFans through Facebook, their Youtube channel or their e-mail.