Photo Studio

Would you like to have an epic, professional photo of your cosplay or convention look? Visit the photo studio, powered by DMVDBERG Photography!

Convention opening hours
To be announced

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Free-of-charge Photo Studio

You’ve spent hours, days or weeks on your costume and hard work will be rewarded with a stunning photo taken by professional photographers that are just as passionate about cosplay as you! 

Even better: having your pictures taken is free. All photos are delivered digitally in High Resolution directly during the convention. You can of course also help the DMVDBERG team cover costs and ensure they will be back next year via ‘Pay what you want’-option. They will also  display a QR code you can scan for donations at their studio.

IIn addition to the digital file, it’s also possible to purchase a print. Prices of prints may vary depending on size and material. Prints can also be sent to your home address, no need to worry about folds or damages to your beautiful print.

Make a lasting Abunai! 2023 memory with your portrait taken at the photo studio!