18+ AMV Competition

These are the rules of the Abunai! 2023 18+ Anime Music Video Competition. In this AMV competition, we welcome national and international competitors. 

Unlike our AMV Competition and International AMV Competition, this one is not suitable for minors. In our 18+ AMV competition you’re allowed to take your AMV to the dirtiest or goriest level you’ve ever wanted it to be (as long as you follow Dutch law of course!). You do not need to be present at this competition. You also do not need a valid Abunai! 2023 ticket in order to enter. If you have any questions, please contact the competition team by sending an e-mail to amv@abunaicon.nl. Please be sure to consult the FAQ, where oft-expressed concerns are addressed, before contacting us.

Submission Rules

  • The submission deadline is Sunday, the 24th of July 2023 at 23:59:59.
  • Your AMV must have been finished or premiered after the 12th of June 2022.

Video Rules

  • Title bumper/credits are not allowed. If you submit an AMV with a title bumper or credits we will request you submit a clean version. A title card will be added by us for the convention.
  • “Special thanks” screens are allowed, but cannot include material from sources.
  • Sources you are allowed to use in your AMV are as follows: Anime, Manga, (fan)art and game footage (as long as it follows the rule below). There is no limit to the number of sources you are allowed to use. 
  • Usage of non-Japanese sources is allowed as long as it is similar to an anime style. If you are unsure whether your source is allowed or not, you can check by contacting our AMV team through email.
  • Do note that your source usage does need to be in accordance with the Dutch law. This includes, but is not limited to the following, which we must emphasize. No depiction of characters that are canonically minors in sexual situations is allowed to be included in your entry, this also applies to characters that look like a minor (No DragonLolis!!!!!!!!)
  • Content showing animals in sexual situations with humans is not allowed. 
  • Despite mature content being allowed, please do not include lengthy grotesque content simply to disturb or shock. AMVs submitted need to be proper AMVs, not slideshows of depravity with no artistic merit. This includes extreme fetishes, extended depictions of torture, brutal murder, gruesome surgical depictions and other content commonly associated with snuff films. However, if you are unsure if your source is allowed please contact our AMV competition team via email.
  • We recommend the following resolutions: 1280x720p or 1920x1080p. Other resolutions will be accepted but we cannot guarantee they can be displayed in their full quality.
  • The maximum length is five minutes (excluding intro/outro), but shorter entries (about three minutes in length) are preferred.
  • A Multi Editor Project is allowed.
  • The preferred file type is MP4. Other file types may be rejected.
  • Logos, subtitles and watermarks from sources are not allowed. You are allowed to add subtitles or texts to your AMV.
  • Frame blending which resembles ghosting in your entry, (example: http://amvnews.ru/images/news/mistakes/04.jpg ) can badly affect the general score to the point of disqualification if used excessively.  
  • Allowed frame rates are as follows: 23.976/24 fps, 29.97/30 fps, or 59.97/60 fps.

Audio Rules

  • Audio can be of any source and in any language
  • Minimum audio quality is 192 kb/s MP3
  • Discriminatory language is not allowed.

Submitting Your AMV

You can sign-up through the official form. You can find the sign-up form here: Sign-up form 18+ AMV Competition (https://forms.gle/W1xqZ5Q372q3WUVh8).

  • The AMV filename should be named as follows: (nick)name – title of the video.extension, for example: Kitsune – My First AMV.mp4.
  • For uploading your AMV we recommend the following:
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Mega
    • WeTransfer

If any of the information required is missing, your sign-up will be rejected. We will notify you if your sign-up form has been received.