Press and Content Creators

On this page you will find the rules and regulations for if you would like to attend Abunai! as press or content creator. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the rules below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is important to note that we value our visitors above all else. If we think you intend to visit Abunai! to make fun of our visitors or with other malicious intent, we have the right to refuse your press permit application outright. We also reserve the right to have you removed from the convention if we feel that you are not being respectful during the event.

Our rules for press and content creators aim to create an amicable and safe space for all who attend. We also reserve the right to check your content before publication, to ensure our visitors are portrayed in a respectful manner.


  • A press permit does not equal a ticket.
  • You will have to apply for a press permit if:
      • You are writing an article for a newspaper, magazine or any other form of print media.
      • You are part of a television or radio channel and want to film or record at Abunai!.
      • You are a content creator who makes videos or streams.
      • You represent a party that gains profit from their content. This includes any photographic/audio/film content made at our convention, blogs, vlogs, websites and any other form of digital media.You are not allowed to sell pictures, audio, video, etc. created at the convention to visitors.
  • You are not allowed to publish pictures, audio or video on a website which is behind a paywall.
  • You are allowed to stream from the convention, but be courteous to your fellow visitors.
  • Abunai! has the right to revoke a press permit if any house rules are broken.
  • The press permit is bound to a single person, which means you are not allowed to transfer it to anyone else.
  • Abunai! has the right to ask you to remove, delete or take down articles, pictures, video or any other form of media without any given explanation.
  • Abunai! has the right to ask for a preview of the article, video or any other media before publication.

Photo and Filming Rules

  • You are not allowed to photograph or film in the Video Room, Game Room, or NH Koninghof’s swimming pool.
  • You are allowed to take photographs and make films at Abunai! at all other locations, including the Dealer Room.
  • When photographing or filming a specific person, you will need to obtain their permission.
  • No photographic, audio or film material may be published without the permission of the Abunai! Foundation.
  • You are allowed to take photographs at shows and competitions. However, flash photography is not allowed.

Obtaining a Press Permit

  • To obtain a press permit for Abunai! please fill in our press form.
  • The deadline for applying for a press permit is the 12th of August.
  • Once we receive your application we will check if you fit all the criteria to obtain a press permit.
  • Press permits are limited. An application does not automatically equal a permit.