The Venue

The NH Conference Centre Koningshof is a hotel and conference center situated in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven).

  • Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, Eindhoven
  • Reception desk manned 24/7

For more information on its facilities, please visit the official NH Koningshof website.

NH Koningshof Hotel Rooms

Hotel Room Reservations are handled by NH Koningshof. Information for 2023 on when to book a room, how to book a room, with what payment method, pricing and their cancellation policy will be made available closer to the convention date.

For general terms and conditions of NH, please refer to NH Hotel Group Algemene Voorwaarden.

NH Koningshof Parking Pass

NH Koningshof has a parking lot with 2000 parking spaces. The hotel charges money for the use of these parking spots. A parking pass can be purchased at the hotel reception desk (open 24/7). It is also possible to buy your ticket from the parking meter, but it will be more expensive. The first three hours are free of charge. It is not advised to use the Stadsparkeren app to park, as this will cost you more money than the price of a parking pass.

The prices are as follows:

First three hours €0
Per hour €1,50
Per 24-hour period   €5
Day ticket, per 24-hour period (if bought from reception desk) €3,50
Weekend ticket, per 72-hour period (if bought from reception desk) €10

If you have a day or weekend parking pass you can exit and return to the parking lot with no restrictions.