Dealer Room & Artist Alley Application


The Netherlands’ cheekiest convention isn’t complete without a sizeable area to make some cheeky purchases! 

The Dealer Room and Artist Alley are some of our most popular areas, where visitors can acquire their favorite anime, manga, games, figurines, doujinshi, cosplay properties, goodies and other products from vendors and artists. In the Dealer Room we also sell our very own Abunai! merchandise.

The Dealer Room and Artist Alley are open on all three convention days, with specified opening hours. During opening hours visitors with a valid ticket can freely enter the area to buy whatever their heart desires. 

Bootleg Products

 Selling bootleg products on the Abunai! convention site is strictly forbidden. If you sell bootleg products during an Abunai! convention, we will give you one warning as a courtesy. You will have to remove all offending counterfeit products from your stand and we will keep a strict eye on you. Continuing to sell bootleg products e.g. the following day or the next year will get you banned from ever selling at an be Abunai! convention again. Note that if we catch you selling bootleg products during the convention after being given a warning, we will ask you to leave and you will not be refunded for your tables, tickets or hotel rooms.